29 July, 2010

Pater Noster (Latin for Kids!)

There's never been an easier way to learn the "Pater Noster"!

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I had this idea, because shoehorning plainsong into one of the most rigid forms of music around was probably not the best idea in the world, but I thought it'd be fun to hear once I'd made it. And I'm pleased with the results.

Also -- here is the audio file so you can download it for your iPods:


And I guess, in this age of YouTube, I need to update the blog theme here to make room for embedded videos!

30 December, 2007

Always Ever Only Just

(See the bottom of this post for the audio file).

Always Ever Only Just
December 28, 2007

Always Ever Only Just the things we say
Seem to make it better each and every day
Wouldn't it be great if things worked out that way
Always Ever Only Just the things we say

Always Ever Only Just we must obey
Trying to find some reason to get up today
Close my eyes and try to make it all go away
Always Ever Only Just is why we pray

Always Ever Only Just fights with dismay
You find your life in tatters and in disarray
When you keep depression and dispair at bay
Always Ever Only Just winds up okay

Always Ever Only Just leads us astray
Sing our hearts out loud our feelings on display
Characters inside we do our best to portray
'Always Ever Only Just' we call the play.

Always Ever Only Just a Chevrolet
Taken to the clinic for a chest x-ray.
The doctor says he can't entirely rule out foul play
Always Ever Only Just the same cliche

Can't pull away,
Can't throw away,
Can't Wipe away,
Can't laugh away.
Can't turn away,
Can't sneak away,
Can't run away,
Because there's hell to pay.

Always Ever Only Just the things we say
Always Ever Only Just we must obey
Always Ever Only Just leads us astray
Always Ever Only Just winds up okay


14 October, 2007

Could it be....?

I think it's about time I started this here ol' project back up. Unless there are any serious objections, why not get your Corapi on with some Spiritual Combat!!! (right-click to save-as, etc.).

04 June, 2006

Rumor and innuendo

So there's a rumor that a certain Catholic podcast will be returning from a long haitus sometime in the next week or two. There is a further rumor that there may be a new (albeit unofficial) Catechism Rock song debuting on that same podcast. Stay tuned.

30 January, 2006

New Podcast!

Hey there. I haven't fully shelved the Catechism Rock! project, so don't worry! Who knows, maybe the first place you hear new Catechism Rock! tunes will be my new podcast. Click on over there for information on how to subscribe!

04 September, 2005

Genuflect - The Audio File

Okay, so while you wait for my Catechism Rock mojo to return, enjoy the last Catechism Rock! to air before The Catholic Cast went off the air indefinitely:

Catechism Rock! "Genuflect (Show Respect)!"

Or, if you're really cool, check out the .ogg version.

17 July, 2005

The Apostles Creed - Audio File

Okay, for those of you who have been waiting patiently for it: since the latest Catholic Cast features the latest (and IMHO, best) "Catechism Rock!" tune, I'm posting the previous one, "The Apostles Creed", here.

If you don't know the Apostles Creed, you'll want to check this one out.

Victor Lams: "Catechism Rock! The Apostles Creed" .mp3 format, roughly 2MB.

On another note, it seems that humidity and creativity seem inversely proportionate, so as we travel through July and August, expect fewer tunes. If you do like the project, though, and think it can be of some value to someone someday, please consider making a donation to keep this train a-rollin'.